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Welcome to our commercial kibble versus a raw natural food page.

At Bow Wow Food Inc. we are committed to providing our best friends and your pets with healthy products that contain no chemicals or unnatural ingredients. We love our pets as you do yours and helping them to live a long healthy life is our goal.

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Bow Wow Gourmet Diet blends have been formulated by a veterinarian dietitian to include everything that your dog requires and we have experienced, first-hand, the positive changes in our dogs. As pet owners, it was quite a pleasant 'shock' to see the luxurious coat, clean teeth, and enhanced vitality in our dogs when we replaced a cooked, processed, grain-based kibble with Bow Wow Premium Raw Pet Diet.

Intense heat is used to process commercial pet food. This intense heat is required to remove all of the moisture so that the food can sit on the pet store shelf without going bad. This process destroys and reduces many nutrients like vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Pet food manufacturers have to replace this loss after the heat process with additives and sometimes spraying it on the kibble.

Commercial pet kibble often contains large amounts of grains which are inappropriate for a dogs digestive system. Poorly digested grains result in soft stools which enable secretions to build up. Feeding raw pet food will firm the dogs stools and naturally squeeze the anal glands during bowel movements.

Kibble sticks to a dogs teeth and enables bacteria to proliferate, causing bad breath, plaque and bacterial poisons that affect a dogs body. 

One of the major benefits of using the Bow Wow Premium Raw Pet Diet product is that when fed frozen to your pet as an overwhelmingly majority of our customers do, your happy dog will get a great dental workout that cleans its teeth and prepares the digestive system for incoming food. The abrasion between the frozen food and the teeth when chewing scrapes off dental plaque. The chewing action also strengthens the dogs jaw and keeps the digestive juices flowing.

Many of our customers get compliments on how white their dogs teeth are.



The pet food industry tries to convince us that dogs can exist as omnivores (able to eat anything). They can indeed survive on a poor diet, just as we can survive on bread and water, but are they really healthy.

Did you know that UN-NATURAL diets...

  • may contain 4D Meat (diseased, down, dying, dead)
  • may contain grains that your dog can not digest
  • may contain sugar, salt, cancer causing chemicals to entice your dog to eat more unhealthy food and it is most likely heat processed for prolonged shelf life.
  • may contain artificial colours and preservatives




is a complete raw natural diet that provides an optimal balance of ideal nutrients with no fillers or undesirable ingredients.

Our Natural Diet Contains...

• NO dyes    • NO preservatives    • NO inappropriate fillers    • NO processing


A Natural Diet...

is a carnivorous diet since dogs are meat-eaters and should not be forced into an omnivorous (i.e. bagged food diet)


The Benefits of a Natural Diet

As a carnivore, your pet is created to eat, digest, and utilize raw meats and vegetables that contain the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals and enzymes for optimal health.

This will result in:

  • Reduced Itching
  • Shinier Coat
  • Improved Breath and Dental Health
  • Higher Energy
  • Reduced Flatulence & Stools
  • Decreased Allergic Reactions
  • Boosted Immune System
  • Fewer Illnesses & Quicker Recovery



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